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Care for nature – Nature will care for you!

 With this philosophy, Paulo Rodriques has planned the Parque Ribeira Primeira. He wants to preserve the environment for us and our future. This is made possible by the planting of small trees and Paolo's philosophy and the invitation to plant a tree we have gladly joined.

Paulo tells us that the entire "trout park" was designed according to ecological criteria and built with materials from the area. The trout are from the breeding in Chao da Ribeira and the water is taken from the Ribeira Primeira, feeds the trout pools and is then returned to the stream. Paolo thrills with his ideology and lives it in all his gestures and words.


On Sunday, the 30th of June, the team of AlbanoAktiv in the Parque Ribeira Primera planted a small tree to protect our environment and our offspring. May our still small Madeira cedar grow, thrive and become a big stately tree. Many thanks to Paulo for helping to bring nature to our descendants. We have great respect for Paolo, who is so committed to the environment and sustainability. The subsequent meal was great. Fresh bread with garlic butter, potatoes with herb crust, salads and fresh trout, which we have previously caught or alternatively on charcoal grilled Espetada.

Es lohnt sich, bei Paolo einzukehren und die Spezialitäten zu genießen.