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Our Bike station

Central for the maintenance and storage of our bikes and "home" of João and Fernando.

Here the work of our technical team starts long before the guests arrive in the morning and it ends late. Each bike is checked and prepared for the next day.

Here you can rent our bikes for tours "on your own".

Many of our tours start and end here. Meeting point is at the bike station or our minibuses pick you up in the morning at the hotel and bring you back to your accommodation after the bike tours.

Our Bikes for you ...

We ride on Fullys brand "CONWAY" 27.5 "and 29" with high quality equipment in perfect technical condition. Often we have the current year model in stock for you, none of our bikes is older than two years.

Our bikes have all hydraulic seatposts and as the first organizer on Madeira you can ride all the tours with the E Bike Fully.

Of course, the bikes are equipped with your pedal system and include all necessary accessories. You enjoy the tours, we make sure that it becomes an carefree bike experience for you.

CONWAY Q-AM 827, Fully 27,5"

The Conway chassis of the new Q-AM 827 pleases. The Q-AM goes up and downhill driving-neutral.

CONWAY EMF 327/427/527" ODER 527+ FULLYS

An e-bike fully in a sporty design. The bike is equipped with a Bosch brushless center motor. It has four steps, a pushing aid and a speed sensor. Thanks to the high-quality tires from Schwalbe, you always have excellent grip on the road. All Fullys are equiped with a hydraulic seat post.


Our Conway WME 727s are bikes our bikers are happy with. It is a capable all-rounder with which every guest can cope whether uphill or downhill. The bikes are comfortable and provide security. With optional 164 or lush 172 millimeters of travel it drives safely downhill.


The Q-MF 829 offers a lot of comfort thanks to the rear and goes on with sporty touring geometry and lightweight construction also fast.