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Caldeirão Verde

The tour into the "green cauldron" is one of our most spectacular levada walks on the island. We walk from Ilha in an hollow way steadily uphill to the Levada. In the course we pass several waterfalls, tunnels and grand viewpoints, until we finally reach the Caldeirão Verde, a basin with about 70 to 80 diameter and rock walls from 80 to 100 m in height, in which several waterfalls pour, it drips uninterruptedly on the walls - so they are covered in the green ferns and mosses.
On the way back we visit the "Casa de Colmo" in Santana.

Flashlight required.

The tour includes the transfers from / to hotel with the transfer bus.

  • Distance: 12 km
  • Duration: +/- 5 h

  • Ascent: 400 hm
  • Descent: 35 hm

  • Technique:
  • Endurance:
  • Heights:

Map and altitude profil