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de Sousa Lopes

I was born in Portugal, but grew up in the south of Germany and therefore speak fluent Portuguese and German. Enchanted by the natural beauty of Madeira, I decided in 2000 to make it my home. After completing my apprenticeship as a Guia de Montanha, I started my own business with AlbanoAktiv in 2010 and love to bring Madeira so close to my guests when hiking and biking that they always want to come back.


Maria de Freitas

I was born in France, but shortly afterwards my parents returned with me to their home Madeira, where I grew up. When I discovered my passion for hiking through AlbanoAktiv, I also trained as a Guia de Montanha. I've been with AlbanoAktiv from the start and love to bring guests closer to flora and fauna on the hikes. You can also find me in the office.

I speak German, English and French.



I was born and raised in Madeira. Like so many Madeirans, I went to Venezuela for 15 years. I worked there as a driver.The longing for Madeira was stronger and so I came back to where my family also lives. I am a driver, mechanic and contact person for everyone and everything because I know everything and everyone in Madeira.



I was born on Madeira and grew up there. My passion is cycling and I want to pass on my bike knowledge to our guests. On Madeira I know every downhill route and every secret way.
Being a bike guide is the best job in the world. "Go with the flow"



I live in Germany, but Madeira has become my second home for several years. So I spend half of the year in Germany and the rest of the time on Madeira. I love hiking on Madeira, discovering the island on an e-bike, swimming in the Atlantic and of course the diverse Madeiran cuisine with lots of fish and meat.



I live in Germany and like to spend my holidays hiking on Madeira. After the island has enchanted me with its diverse blooms and the wonderful landscape, I am happy to inspire future guests. I answer the vacation inquiries and give everything so that your vacation is well planned in advance.



I was born in Bavarian Swabia and I still live there until today. Through my partner Hannelore I got to know and love Madeira. Madeira immediately fascinated me, as I was able to pursue my hobbies there all year round, such as golfing, tennis, hiking and of course biking. That's how I started my training as a bike guide and my greatest passion is to inspire the guests to come back.

Überragender Freeride Tag mit Marcos
Wir hatten heute einen überragenden Freeride Tag in den Bergen von Madeira. Marcos war von der ersten Sekunde super sympathisch und ist auf alle unsere Wünsche und Bedürfnisse eingegangen. Nach einem ersten gemeinsamen Ride zum besseren Kennenlernen hat Marcos den Tag unserem Skilllevel entsprechend geplant. Er hat uns die gesamte Trailvielfalt der Insel in den 5 Stunden gezeigt. Wir bedanken u...
Tuesday, 27 September 2022
Gregor Richter
Sehr angenehm und professionell
Freunde von uns waren mit Albano bereits vor gut 3 Jahren unterwegs und hatten uns die Agentur empfohlen. Wir hatten eine Wanderung zum grünen Tal mit vorherigem 400 Höhenmeter Aufstieg durch faszinierende Hohlwege. Albano hat sich stets unserem Tempo angepasst und nicht umgekehrt. Unterwegs wurden uns viele Pflanzen und auch einige Hintergründe zur Entwicklung der Insel erklärt. Tolle Tour! G...
Sunday, 25 September 2022

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